Arabic Enol



A colloidal stabilising agent made with pure gum arabic in a solution, stabilised with SO₂.


Size: 1kg


Also available in 25kg. Please contact us for pricing and shipping information for larger quantity.

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Additional Information

  • Aids in tartrate, protein, and phenolic stability, and protects against colour loss in red wines.
  • Can be used to add volume and smoothness to a wine, to protect aromas and add longevity to wines.
  • The purity of Arabic Enol’s components and its’ specific production process ensures it doesn’t significantly affect the filterability of the wine.
  • DOSAGE AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ARABIC ENOL is mainly used on wines destined for bottling. The dosage can be completed before the last filtration or after the microfiltration, using appropriate systems placed before the bottle filling. Note: 100 g/hL of ARABIC ENOL brings around 4 mg/L of SO2 to the wine.
  • COMPOSITION Gum Arabic in demineralized aqueous solution, sulfur dioxide.

Tech Sheets / MSDS