Bluetann PRO



Prevents and blocks the activity of lactic acid bacteria in musts and wines, without any interference to the activity of yeasts or other microorganisms. Naturally prevents spontaneous MLF (malo-lactic fermentation).

  • 50g
  • 250g
  • 1kg
Additional Information

  • Reduces the necessity of sulphites, cold stabilisation, and filtration.
  • Maintains natural acidity and fruitfulness for fresh white and rosé wine with modest sulphur content.
  • Perfect for extended sur-lies ageing and maturation.
  • Base for sparkling wines; excellent for both Charmat and Traditonal method with a sulphur content suitable for refermentation.
  • Can be used pre-bottling.
  • Granular.
  • White, rosé, red.
  • Dosage and Instructions for Use:
    • White wines: 1,5-2 g/hl
    • Red and pink wines: 1,5-2 g/hl
    • Extra treatment before ambient temperature increase: 1-2 g/hl
    • Considering its characteristics, use is suggested after fining treatments in general.
    • Dissolve the product directly in wine and add it homogeneously to the mass.
    • Note: in order to control the bacteriostatic capacity over the time, a constant monitoring of malic and lactic acid concentration is advised.

Tech Sheets / MSDS