Caseo Speed – Potassium Caseinate



Extra pure potassium caseinate for protein fining to remove bitter, astringent phenolics. Will reduce oxidised odours and liven tired wines.


Size: 1kg.

Additional Information

  • Advantages of use; instant coagulation without risks of over fining. – heavy reduction in both ferric and ionic forms of iron, reduction of leucoanthocyanidin and catechins, strong activity in reducing the taste of maderisation.
  • Recommended for clarification of musts and wines in combination with Fort Benton or Bento-flash to obtain fast clarifications with compact settling.
  • Can be used In fermentation when temperature control is possible, with the aim of obtaining white and rosé wines more fragrant and with a longer life.
  • Dissolve CASEO SPEED in cold water in a ratio of 1:10 and in a clean container. Add the solution in a fine stream to the mass to be treated. 50-100 g/hl on must 20-30 g/hl during fermentation 20-50 g/hl on wine 40-80 g/hl on oxidized wines Note: a dilution of 1:20 improves the efficiency of the treatment.

Tech Sheets / MSDS