Chips – Toasted French Oak


Premium chips; seasoned for 24 months and thermally toasted. Oakscan® selection of wood with moderate level of ellagitannins, for a maximum aromatic expression and sweetness without any excess in structure. Protects against colour loss and oxidation, and reduces vegetal characters.


Size: 10kg bags.


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Additional Information

  • For use in vinification, as well as maturation.
  • Contact in white wines from the start of primary fermentation for a well integrated oak profile, and to respect the profile of primary fruit; in reds before malolactic fermentation or beginning of ageing, for a more complex aromatic profile and maximum integration of tannic structure.
  • Recommended use for 6 + weeks for best results. To be monitored by tasting.
  • Available Sizes: 10kg (in mesh bag)
  • Gain in volume and structure
  • Stabilization of colouring matter
  • Reduction of vegetal character
  • Enhancement of fruity character
  • Anti oxidant effect
  • Anti reduction effect

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