Creaferm Extra



A premium activator based on complex biological nutrients consisting of selected yeast cell walls that have been optimised for a maximum cell yield; high in nitrogen, long chain fatty acids, ergosterol vitamins, and trace elements.

  • 1kg
  • 10kg
Additional Information

  • For use in difficult and unfavourable conditions; high alcohol content (restarting stuck ferments), cold temperatures, and the presence of nutrient deficiencies.
  • Unsaturated fatty acids and ergosterol provide fundamental elements for maintain a correct functioning of the yeast cell membrane during the entire fermentation process.
  • Creaferm Extra has an effective detoxifying affect; naturally occurring fatty acids contribute to a wine’s aromatic expression and organoleptic profile.
    • 30 g/hL in the must at the beginning of the fermentation.
    • In case of stuck fermentations add 30 g/hL to the must-wine and wait 24 hrs before re-inoculating the yeast.
    • Dissolve CREAFERM EXTRA in a volume of must equivalent to 10 times its weight. Add to the mass to be treated, homogenizing it with pumping over during the inoculation.

Tech Sheets / MSDS