Creaferm No Stop



A complex nutrient specifically formulated for difficult steps that may arise in the final stages of fermentation, when risks of slowing and stuck ferments are higher.


Size: 1kg

Additional Information

  • Based on inactivated yeasts which are extremely rich in cell membranes, that bring fatty acids and sterols essential for the activity of yeasts in a ferments final stages.
  • Has a fraction of yeast cell-walls which exerts an important adsorption activity with respect to compounds that may inhibit fermentation eg. Octanoic and decanoic acids.
  • Preservation of the yeast’s cell physiology results in a complete and regular course of fermentation.
  • Also includes a small fraction of ammonium phosphate to compensate for deficiency in yeast assimilable nitrogen.
    • 20-40 g/hl in final steps of fermentation.
    • 20-30 g/h as a regulator and in prevention of stuck fermentation.
    • 40 g/hl as a cure to stuck fermentation.

Tech Sheets / MSDS