A premium, balanced, de-acidifying agent that raises pH in must or wine, without the formulation of undesirable flavours or aromas.


Size: 1kg.

Additional Information

  • Made up of a mixture of potassium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate, with a buffer of neutral potassium tartrate.
  • Achieves a fast de-acidification; keeps wine cold stable, reduces aggressive acidity profiles, and renders wines to be smoother and more harmonic.
  • 1g/L of Disacomplex will reduce titratable acidity by between 0.85 – 1g/L.
  • Also assists in the onset of malolactic fermentation.
  • DOSAGE AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Dosage: complete preliminary dosages in the laboratory, considering that 85-90 g/hl of DISACOMPLEX will reduce the acidity by around 1 g/l, depending on the buffer capacity of the wine. It is advisable to use DISACOMPLEX after having integrated SO2 at values necessary for the biological stability of the wine, except in the case where a MLF is required.

Tech Sheets / MSDS