Evercell 05



A solution of CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) for the stabilisation of potassium bitartrates in finished white wines, as an alternative to cold stabilisation, in a ready-to-use liquid form.


Size: 10kg.


Also available in 25kg. Please contact us for pricing and shipping information for larger size.

03 8786 4380

Additional Information

  • In a ready-for-use liquid form which has an absence of insoluble materials, and has a negligible impact on filterability.
  • Advantages include; reduction in tartrate stabilisation process time, preservation of acidity of treated wines, ready to use , improvement on fruit aroma and astringency, and greater stabilising efficacy.
  • Evercel 05 may be coupled with Arabic Enol and Metaclar.
  • DOSAGE AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:  EVERCELL 05 may be dosed directly to the clear wine, better if filtered, in a dosage from 100 to 200mL/hL (max. dosage allowed, corresponding to 10g/hL of CMC in powder form). Important: carefully homogenize the mass and wait for minimum 24 – 72 hours if the wine is intended for microfiltration. The correct dosage can be determined through laboratory tests if desired. Note: 100 g/hl of EVERCELL 05 add about 3 mg/L of SO2.

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