Everclar Delta



An allergen free substitute to egg albumin for use in fining out excessive bitter and astringent tannins in red and rosé wines.

  • 1kg
  • 10kg
Additional Information

  • EVERCLAR δelta is more efficient at lower dosages, in comparison to egg albumin, as far as both taste and smell profiles are concerned. It also has positive effects for the clarification and deposit compactness.
  • Experiments in laboratory and winery have demonstrated the application characteristics of EVERCLAR δelta, making it recommendable to:
    • Tone down excessive tannins without flattening the taste of the treated wine.
    • Flocculate bitter tannins
    • Exalt fruitiness
    • Bring roundness
    • Reduce ocratoxin concentrations
    • Eliminate reduction and mercaptan odors
  • EVERCLAR δelta rises as an alternative to traditional proteins used in oenology for their actions on bitter tannins in wines.
  • EVERCLAR δelta, beyond being allergen free, also presents a good solubility and does not generate foam during its use.
    • Disperse EVERCLAR δelta in 10 volumes of tepid water.
    • Wait 20-30 minutes, mixing the solution again before incorporating it into the mass to be treated, if possible in a thin flow to obtain a better homogenization with the wine.
    • Dosage: from 3 to 20 g/hL

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