Everclar Gamma



An allergen free fining agent for preventative and curative measures to improve the longevity of white and rosé wines.

  • 3kg
  • 15kg
Additional Information

  • EVERCLAR GAMMA is a fining agent free of allergen factors, with a stabilizing action because it:
    • Reduces the content of riboflavin
    • Prevents lightstrike of wine in light coloured glass bottles
    • Adsorbs oxidasic enzymes
    • Adsorbs catechins and leukoanthocyans
    • Increases protein stability
    • Forms compact and reduced sediments
    • Improves filterability
    • EVERCLAR GAMMA gives a longer life to the treated wine and improves its general sensory sensations.
    • EVERCLAR GAMMA is a processing aid that:  Does not contain components that might contain allergenic factors
    • Does not cause foam
    • Gives a compact sediment
    • 30-50 g/hl in wines Dissolve EVERCLAR GAMMA in cold water in a ratio between 1:10 to 1:20, preferably with proper stirring devices. Let rest for some hours, stir again and add the solution in a fine stream to the mass while keeping it agitated.

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