Everclar Omega



A substitute for isinglass for the stabilisation of white, rosé, and red wines. An alternative to traditional proteins, used for; adsorbtion of polyphenols responsible for oxidation, improvement of aroma stability, achievement of protein stability in must and wine.


Size: 1kg


Also available in 25kg bags. Please contact us for pricing and shipping information for larger size.

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Additional Information

  • Made up of extra pure montmorillonite and isinglass.
  • Establishes a quick sediment and a thin, compact settling after addition.
  • Results in improved filterability and increased shelf life of wines.
  • Powder
  • White, rosé, and red wines
  • 200 – 500 ppm
  • Isinglass
    •  20-50g/hL in free-run juices 40-60g/hL in press-wines 20-50g/hL in wines
    • Dissolve EVERCLAR Ωmega in cold water, in a ratio of 1:10 to 1:20 preferably by means of stirrer.
    • Let swell for a few hours, stir and add the solution to the mass in a fine stream, while moving the mass itself.

Tech Sheets / MSDS