Developed by Ever as a more efficient and effective substitute for Potassium caseinate, for use on white and rosé wines. Made up of allergen free constituents; gelatine, selected silica, very pure montmorillonite and PVPP.

  • 1kg
  • 15kg
Additional Information

  • Advantages include; adsorption of oxidase enzymes (catechins and leucoanthocyanins), improvement of protein stability, limited and compact sediments, and Improved filterability.
  • Enhances the sensory profile of white and rosé wines.
  • Powder
  • White and rosé
  • 200 -500 ppm free run / 500 – 700 ppm pressings
    • 30-50 g/hl in free-run must, 50-70 g/hL in overpressed musts; 20-40 g/hl in wines. Dissolve EVERCLAR in cold water in a ratio of 1:10 to 1:20, preferably with appropriate agitators. Let rest for several hours, then mix again and add the solution obtained in a thin flow to the mass during pumping over.

Tech Sheets / MSDS