Eversol – Silica Dioxide



A 30% colloidal solution of silica sol (silica dioxide) for the efficient clarification of juices, musts, wines, and vinegars. Use to avoid overfining with gelatin when applying flotation for greatly reduced settling times.


Size: 5kg


Also available in 25kg jerrycans. Please contact us for pricing and shipping information for larger size.

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Additional Information

  • Everol interacts with the protein so that the clarification, combined with gelatin brings an increased colloidal stability, brightness and filterability of the treated wines.
  • It is recommended to conduct laboratory trials in each case determine exact doses required.
  • Liquid.
  • 250 – 1000mg/L.
  • Eversol and gelatin must always be added separately.
    • Eversol is added either in the must or the wine, usually before gelatine.
    • Other coadjuvants can be associated with EVERSOL such as carbon (to reduce colour), bentonite (to eliminate polyphenol oxidases and proteins) and potassium ferrocyanide in iron removal treatments.
    • 50 – 100 g/hL in musts 25 – 70 g/hL in wines.
    • Note: it is advisable to complete laboratory trials in order to establish the correct dosage of EVERSOL in combination with COLLAGEL or COLLAGEL CLAR.

Tech Sheets / MSDS