Everzym LCL



Liquid concentrated pectinase preparation designed for red vinification with short maceration periods. Specific secondary cellulase activity for fast colour extraction from skins, elimination of green / stalky characters, and accelerated clarification.


Also available in 25kg jerrycans with a sale price of $1326.40. Please contact us for purchase and shipping information for larger size.

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  • 50g
  • 1kg
Additional Information

  • Positively participates in clarification of must, mash and in wine obtained through vigorous pressing.
  • Improves filtration yields.
  • Dosage: 1 – 5 g/hl of EVERZYM LCL to the mash, juice or wine.
  • Add EVERZYM LCL in line to the mash or the entire dosage to the first hectoliters loaded into the tank during filling operation.
    Dilute EVERZYM LCL in a clean bucket, using cold water, better if chlorine free. The solution will remain stable for max 24 hours if correctly stored and it can be applied using metering pumps.

Tech Sheets / MSDS