Everzym Liquid Plus



Liquid pectolytic enzyme for whites, rosés and reds with high pectolytic activity making it ideal for the treatment of white and rosé juices. Has secondary cellulase activity that permits the reduction of juices’ viscosity for both static clarification and flotation.


Size: 1kg


Also available in 25kg jerrycans at a sale price of $1058.60. Please contact us for purchase and shipping information for larger size.

03 8786 4380

Additional Information

  • Effective on difficult cultivars in clarification of free run juice from white grapes, pectine-rich musts, and low temperatures from 7°c.
  • Aids filterability and clarification of turbid wines.
  • An effective all-rounder enzyme.
  • Dosage and Instructions for Use
    • 1 – 3 g/hL of EVERZYM LIQUID PLUS in the mash, juice or wine.
    • Add EVERZYM LIQUID PLUS in line on the mash or in the first liters, during the filling of the tank.
    • Dilute EVERZYM LIQUID PLUS in a clean bucket, with cold water, better if chlorine free. The solution remains stable for a maximum of 24 hours, if stored properly and it can be used with dosing pumps.

Tech Sheets / MSDS