Everzym SUR LIES



Liquid pectolytic enzyme with strong β-glucanase activity. Has a moderate secondary protease and β-glycosidae secondary activities for botrytis affected grapes and turbid musts. Available in 1kg bottles.

Additional Information

  • Accelerates the autolysis activity of yeast in fine lees.
  • Increases complexity and aromatic profile.
  • Expedites the clarification of difficult fermenting musts.
  • Can be used to gently clean organic matter from membrane and crossflow filters.
  • Dosage and Instructions for Use:
    • From 3 to 10 g/hL, in relation to the contact time and to the characteristics of the must or wine to be treated – EVERZYM SUR LIES can be used as such or after dilution in water, must or wine. It is important to assure a complete homogenization into the mass to be treated.
  • It is suggested to keep EVERZYM SUR LIES at a temperature between 5 and 15°C

Tech Sheets / MSDS