Everzym VRT



Concentrated liquid enzyme preparation specific for must from aromatic cultivars. Specifically designed to be effective in critical conditions; dry grapes, low pH, and low temperature conditions (early harvest).


Size: 1kg


Also available in 25kg jerrycans at a sale price of $1318.20. Please contact us for purchase and shipping information for larger size.

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Additional Information

  • Produces greater clarity in musts and more compact lees.
  • Recommended on free-run juice from white and aromatic grapes, immediately after soft pressing to accelerate clarification. Also for flotation, centrifugation, filtration etc.
  • Active in both soluble and insoluble pectins; can be used on partially dried musts or macerated grapes for faster hydrolosis of pectins.
  • Has β-glucanase activity for botrytis affected grapes.
  • Proven to be very cost effective due to its clarifying power at low doses.
  • Dosage and Instructions for Use:
    •  1 – 5 g/hl of EVERZYM VRT on the mash, juice or wine.
    • Add EVERZYM VRT in line on the mash or to the first hectoliters while filling up the tank to be treated.
    • Dilute EVERZYM VRT in a clean bucket, with cold water better if chlorine free.
    • The solution will remain stable for max. 24 h if well stored and it may be added by proportioning pumps.
    • It is suggested to store EVERZYM VRT at a temperature between 5 and 15°C.

Tech Sheets / MSDS