Everzym XPL



Liquid enzyme with high pectinase activity, recommended for addition to picking bins and at the press due to its’ specific activity on the pectins present in the pulp (fast and complete hydrolysis). Accelerates the extraction of free-run juice recovery, increasing yield and limiting production of lees and turbidity in the must.


Size: 1kg


Also available in 25kg jerrycan at sale price of $944.65. Please contact us to purchase and for shipping information for larger size.

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Additional Information

  • Maintains skin integrity, at the same time favours the extraction of aromatic precursors resulting in low tannin and colour extraction, and retention of aromatic profiles.
  • Enhances must filterability.
  • Efficient in critical conditions such as Temp. ≤ 7°C / pH. ≤ 3 / Sulfited grapes and mash.
  • Efficient in early harvests and on less mature grapes.
  • For maximum yields in white and Rosé juice it is recommended to use Everzym XPL with Everzym VRT.
  • Dosage and Instructions for Use:
    • Dosage: 1 – 3 g/hl of EVERZYM XPL on the grapes, on the mash or on the juice.
    • Dilute EVERZYM XPL in a clean bucket with cold water, better if chlorine free.
    • The solution remains stable for max. 24 hours if well kept and it may be dispensed with a metering pump.
    • Storing EVERZYM XPL at a temperature between 5 and 15 °C is advised.

Tech Sheets / MSDS