Immer Filter Sheets – 20cm x 20cm



Premium Immer filter pads are made by our industry partner, Ever Intec, to the strictest quality standards.


From the filtration of musts to the polishing of wines, juice and vinegar, cider, spirits, oil, etc. Immer filter sheets are highly efficient in removing submicron bacteria, colloids, fine suspensions and larger solid contaminants from a wide variety of beverages and liquids.


Each pack contains x 25 sheets.

  • M3
  • M5
  • M10
  • MS30
  • MS50
  • IM
Additional Information
The pads are made using:

  • High quality cellulose for structural integrity and longevity.
  • Calcined diatomites – for an extra clarifying effect.
  • Perlites – for increased porosity.
  • Synthetic resins – have an adsorbtion effect which increase resistance to rupturing when saturated.

Tech Sheets / MSDS