A bio-activator based on components extracted from yeast cell walls of selected yeasts that are particularly rich in vitamins, micro-elements, growth and survival factors, for use after yeast rehydration.


Size: 1kg

Additional Information

  • Supplies nitrogen in amino acid form as well as a small amount of inorganic nitrogen.
  • Perfect for supplying yeast with essential nutrition when oxygen is supplied (via micro-oxygenation); the yeast will have an increased biomass, and their cell walls will have an enhanced inter-molecular structure which is an important factor in controlling the exchange of metabolites and toxins between the living yeast cell and external environment under difficult conditions.
    • 200 g of MYCOSTART per each kilo of yeast, combined with the supply of oxygen and sugar according to protocol.
    • Add MYCOSTART (200 g per 1 kg of yeast) after rehydration of yeast in warm water at 37°C for 30 minutes.

Tech Sheets / MSDS