A newly developed bio-activator with a balanced composition of nitrogen salts, yeast, cell walls preparations, thiamine and micro fibres of pure alpha cellulose to keep the yeast in suspension.

  • 1kg
  • 10kg
Additional Information

  • Ideal for usage in clarified and/or filtered musts where Nutrozim supplies microelements, growth factors, FAN and long chain fatty acids (C18 and C20); which regulate cellular permeability.
  • Also provides a physical support function for the active dry yeast, which at the end of the fermentation would become easily separated from the liquid phase, in the clarification sediments, or through filtration.
  • Contains 50mg/L of free amino nitrogen (FAN), for every 500mg/L added.
  • Add at start of fermentation; between 6-8°Bé
    • Can be used as sole nutrient or together with ZIMOVIT, which will be added halfway or at 2/3 of the fermentation.
    • NUTROZIM is diluted in water, must or wine and added to the mass to be fermented during a pumping over or directly to the yeast-must, with aeration. 20-70 g/hl for regular fermentations 30-80 g/hl in stuck fermentations.
    • Note: 100 g/hl supply and represent the maximum allowed dosage of thiamine (60 mg/hl). The regulation CE n° 1410/03 authorizes the use of ammoniacal salts up to a maximum of 100 g/hl.

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