Perlite Filter Aid EF40

A slow to medium flow grade perlite, that provides the highest level of upfront clarity.


Exfoliators range of filteraid Perlite is lightweight, consistent, efficient, and typically lighter than alternatives, which makes Filteraid the most cost effective Perlite available. Additionally, flowrates are optimised to suit specific customer needs and applications.


Available Sizes:

Paper bags – Pallet 252kg (18 x 14 bags per pallet)

Bulk Bags – 580kg (2 x 290kg bags per pallet)


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03 8786 4380

Additional Information

  • Low bulk density – up to 25% lighter
  • High permeability – up to 20% increase in flow rates
  • Low wet cake density – up to 25% lighter
  • Low floater content
  • Pure white expanded colour


Tech Sheets / MSDS