Polisac Red

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Significantly improves the quality of red wine by stabilising polyphenols by protecting them from precipitation from the wine; thus loss of colour. Used during the early stages of vinification to enrich polysaccharide quantity in red wines.


Size: 1kg bags

Additional Information

  • The end result when using Polisac Red is a wine with more volume, smoother, with low astringency and with a very stable colour already at the end alcoholic fermentation.
  • Granular
  • Red
  • 150-300ppm
  • Aroma Protection ✓
  • Colour Protection ✓ ✓ ✓
  • Increase Volume ✓ ✓
  • Attenuate astringency ✓ ✓
    • If added at the beginning of the fermentation process, while filling up the tank, POLISAC RED allows for an early enrichment in polysaccharides, thus protecting the polyphenoles immediately as they are extracted.
    • Disperse 20 g/hl POLISAC WHITE in a quantity of must equal to 10 times its weight; stir and add to the mass while filling up the tank. Homogenize by pumping over.
    • At the end of fermentation or on finished wines: add POLISAC RED to correct wines with excess of astringency or with low volume; use doses of 10-20 g/hl at the end of fermentation or in the finished wines. Homogenize by pumping over.

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