Tannredox VIT



An anti-oxidant for wine and must. Has ability to help a wine maintain stable and consistent free sulphur levels whilst in bulk storage, or as a pre-bottling addition.

  • 1kg
  • 5kg
  • 10kg
Additional Information

  • Can be used with minimal S02 and even as an S0
  • Due to Tannredox VIT’s special makeup of ascorbic acid and gallic tannin, it has a higher anti-oxidant power than S02 and doesn’t form yellow hues or affect wine colour.
  • Powder.
  • White, rosé, red.
  • Composition: Balanced blend of a pure gall tannin and ascorbic acid.
  • Dosage and Instructions for Use:
    • From 5 to 20 g/100 Kg of grape or hl of juice/wine.
    • Max Dosage allowed 80 g/hl.
    • Dissolve the product in water or wine in a ratio of 1:10 and add it
      homogeneously to the mass.

Tech Sheets / MSDS