A complex fermentation nutrient, which supplies the yeast (indigenous or selected) with free amino nitrogen (FAN) thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), and cellulose fibres; necessary for a successful alcoholic fermentation.


Size: 1kg


Also available in 25kg bags. Please contact us for pricing and shipping information for this size.

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Additional Information

  • The use of ZIMOVIT during fermentation stimulates growth and multiplication of yeasts, with the advantage of obtaining a greater quantity of glycerin and esters; therefore creating wines that are smoother and more fragrant.
  • Indicated for use across all ferments; including stuck fermentations, the elaboration of sparkling wines, distillation for virgin and semi-fermented grape pomace, and cider fermentation.
  • Contains 90mg/L of FAN for every 500mg/L added.
  • Add at the start of fermentation between 6-8°Bé.
    • Dissolve ZIMOVIT in a small amount of water, must or wine and add to the mass to be fermented during pumping over or add directly to the yeast must to be treated, with aeration.
    • It is recommended to add half of the ZIMOVIT dose at mid-fermentation and also in accordance with the use of other nutrients such as NUTROZIM o CREAFERM.
    • 20 – 100 g/hL for fermentations in general
    • Note: 100 g/hL supply the maximum allowed dose of Thiamine (60 mg/hL). The regulation CE n° 606/2009 authorizes the use of ammonium salts up to a maximum of 100 g/hL in first fermentation and 30 g/hL in second fermentation.

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