A world leading cooperage.

Tonnellerie Radoux is one of the world’s leading cooperages. Radoux manufacture high-end quality French oak barrels, tanks, casks, chips and staves used for tank or barrel insertion. Radoux also make top quality Eastern European and American oak barrels. Radoux’s American oak is sourced from the three main oak producing areas of the United States: Minnesota, Missouri and the Appalachian region.

The Radoux Difference

Tonnellerie Radoux Inc. uses the tightest-grain oak selected from different forests in the center of France and the Vosges areas. The same choice of grain applies to its Eastern European oak selection.


Radoux’s Research and Development team is dedicated to producing new toasting techniques to maximise the oak’s beneficial influence on a particular varietal of wine.


Each product is produced to meet a wine’s and winemaker’s distinctive style, and personalised service is reinforced by strict quality control to ensure consistency.
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Oak Adjuncts.

When Tonnellerie Radoux prepared itself to launch Pronektar, an operation of production of oak adjuncts in 2001, it was immediately decided that the emphasis would be on quality. When it comes to the quality of adjunct products there are two key points.
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The Toasting Process

Radoux’s Research and Development team have developed a wide range of toasts to suit the different characteristics of grape varieties and to help winemakers achieve the results they seek for their wines.
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